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Driving at the right age? - Give your comments!!!

It has been a known issue of deaths caused due to Young and newly-Qualified Drivers. But there has been a little progess for  handling such problems. To avoid these major problems, Department for Transport has decided to take a review of the way people learn to drive and are tested.
The majority of deaths and injuries due to Young drivers shows the current plan is failing. If the whole package get included in the report, UK would have one of the most safe city in Europe. But for this to get success, people are not able to drive on the road unlicenced and uninsured. Government should take care of the people who are driving on roads illegally. Else the efforts are lost for improving road safety.
Basically Novice drivers means those with having less than 3 years driving experience. Novice drivers are at a significantly increased risk of being involved in a road collision.
It has been proved that 18% of drivers were involved in at least one accident within one year of passing driving test. It goes decrising in coming years. Young novice drivers used to drive older vehilces which have lesser safety features than a new vehilce. So the injuries proportion tend to get increase.
To improve the novice driver safety the Department has introduced a variety of changes :

In Uk, you cannot drive until your are of 17. After getting a provisional license they can drive on the road. But many people are feeling the current theory test system is having problem. They find difference between learing to drive and learing to pass the test.
Also for many people the cost of theory test is quite high. So the need to restructure the current system fir testing , maintaining driving skills etc. The baseline for the new system will contain following points :

  • advanced syllabus
  • a framework about what a candidate should know and be able to do
Also in some cases the driving instructors itself provides low quality training.

Pass plus is a training for newly-qualified drivers which is avilable within the first 12 months of passing the test.
So a combination of drivining experience, age and attitude is towards safe driving.

So what you people think the right age of driving should be?
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